About Us

When you look out into the world, what do you see?

Widely diverse cultures. Fading social and economic divides. Shifting landscapes where the mimesis of art and life accelerates with technology.

With all of the varying influence on our civil and cultural evolutions, there remains one undying commodity, second only to gold. One unifying force of camaraderie and fellowship.  …Tobacco

To get a picture of what RICH Cigars is, let’s start by defining what RICH Cigars is not.


RICH Cigars IS NOT about the hype or following the herd. It is not a passing trend. It isn’t an unreachable luxury, prefaced by exclusion or measured by the amount of money you have in the bank. And it is certainly not a cigar that will leave you completely sluggish and nauseated the next day.

Express Yourself

RICH Cigars IS a brand committed to the perfection of the blend, and your smoking experience. We are about you, and your being able to express yourself both confidently and subtlety, without saying a word.


RICH Cigars is for everyone…, rich in friends, rich in love, rich in thought, rich in values, rich in quality and rich in self-worth.  Sharing a RICH Cigar strengthens community; creating moments in time accessible to all. Moments of reflection, celebration, ease and appreciation.


RICH Cigars takes you to a place that is internally rich, encouraging you to feel and embrace the richness of your life. And because our blends are so well balanced, be it Lady or Gentleman… Novice or Aficionado… you will have only the most luxurious memory of the 1, 2 or even 3 RICH Cigars you enjoyed, in an almost orgasmic pleasure the night before. Nothing more.


Honoring the essential purity of tradition, is what set RICH Cigars upon a journey to produce the most promising, versatile and elusive cigar: ‘The Premium Stick.’ Rich in flavor. Smooth in consistency. Bold on flavor. Hip to current trends in taste and aromas, without sacrificing class and panache.


RICH Cigars embody a young spirit with the wisdom of a grand, old soul. Boldly expressing itself through modern blends, RICH Cigars respects the balance and integrity of tradition.


Rich Cigars utilizes only the highest quality of premium tobacco, harvested from the richest soil on earth – and each cigar is hand-crafted to perfection in amazing detail. Most important, RICH Cigars promises to only produce cigars consistent and worthy of the signature RICH.


Be it the Vendetta, the King Pin, the Billionaire or the Godfather, you will always find your rich experience. Because a Rich life is not in the gauge, but the essence of the smoke.